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Market Intelligence

Intelligence Purpose-built for Brands

Enterprises need data-driven intelligence to make right decisions both at a strategic and operational level. However data often resides in silos and enterprises do not have capability to analyze available data to derive necessary intelligence for making timely business decisions.
MaxEd team addresses this challenge for brands through its solution- MaxEd Market Intelligence System (MIS). The solution offers insightful and interactive dashboards with an aim to provide actionable market intelligence at finger tips for enterprises to make effective decisions for driving their business growth.
MaxEd market intelligence system can provide multiple dashboards  as per the needs of various departments like sales & distribution, product packaging & marketing, media planning & advertising, etc . They can also use them for tracking sales, service quality etc.

Footfall Tracker for a top financial service provider

Powerful Dashboards

MaxEd team will understand the decision points and will compile relevant internal and external data to prepare these market intelligence dashboards. Powerful visualizations and predictions are provided for decision makers to comprehend information with ease.

Predictive Insights and Forecasts

With constant tracking of internal data points like sales, footfall etc as well as external data points like consumer behavior dynamics, competitor pricing, MaxEd Market Intelligence system can predict trends and prepare accurate forecasts to guide your decisions and actions

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